Lauren Campion

Create The Positive And Empowered Birth Experience You’ve Been Craving 

You’re pregnant! Congratulations!🤰

Right now, alongside all the excitement, joy and flutters of nerves you’re currently experiencing — you might also be feeling…. 

  • Confused about how to navigate the healthcare system here in Australia 😩
  • Maybe this is your second baby — and your first birth didn’t go as you hoped. You really don’t want a repeat-experience of THAT, this time round. 😳
  • Perhaps this is your first birth and you’ve no idea what to expect! Fear is creeping in, and you’re a liiiittle bit scared about labour, if you’re being honest. 😨

I understand all these concerns (they’re normal and natural) and I’m here to help you navigate your first or next birth with confidence… 

Confidence in your body. Confidence in your decisions. Confidence to speak up, stay true to yourself and “fight” for what you want and believe in — if it is needed.  



I’m Lauren. Lauren Campion. I’m a Birth Doula based in Mandurah, Western Australia. 

MY PRIMARY FOCUS IS TO HELP MAKE YOUR BIRTH STORY A POSITIVE ONE.  Because we don’t leave our birth stories at the hospital.  They come home with us. They stay with us forever.

And having the right support on hand can make all the difference in the world. 

I believe ...

In informed choice and decision-making.  

Having a physiological / natural birth is powerful — but not always possible and not what everyone wants and that's ok! It’s your body, your baby, your birth. You get to choose what’s right for you, judgement-free.

Dads massively benefit from doula support, too — not just Mums.  

Postpartum preparation and support is HUGELY valuable. "The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." {Ranjeesh} 

Going through my own pregnancy and birth with a doula was a powerful experience, and undoubtedly what set me on this path. 


I hired my doula initially because I wanted a natural birth — this may not be why you want to work with one — but for me, I felt this would make me more likely to get what I wanted. 

However, birth can be unpredictable and a wild ride at times — and despite doing what I felt was everything in my power to have a natural birth, it didn’t end up that way.

My waters broke, and I didn’t go into active labour until about 60 hours post-rupturing (this waiting game was intense!) — then when I reached around 9cms dilated, things slowed dramatically. I was ultimately administered Syntocinon to ramp things up again, and I had an episiotomy following signs of fetal distress. 

Regardless of things not going “to plan” at all, and my hopes for an uncomplicated natural birth going out the window… I look back on my birth experience as a positive one, and I wholeheartedly believe that comes down to two things.

The emotional and physical support I was given by my doula and partner during birth.  I know my husband found the support of doula invaluable, enabling him to support ME in the best way possible. And I clearly remember being so grateful to have my doula there for support, comfort and information — while the midwives were busily taking notes. 

The fact that my husband and I were well-informed, and could make difficult decisions with confidence. Thanks to the support of my doula in the birthing room, and throughout our pregnancy, my husband and I were able to make the best (informed) decisions for us at the time.  

I know for certain that if we weren’t prepared in this way, and we didn’t have this extra support — the outcome, and my feelings about my son’s birth, would have been different.

Which is really at the heart of why I became a doula myself — in that room, I got a real gut feeling that this is the work I “should” be doing… and I knew that if I could help one woman or family feel the way we felt thanks to our doula? Well, I couldn’t think of anything better. 

So here I am, ready to support you with educational, emotional and physical support throughout YOUR pregnancy and birthing journey. 

Having a doula on your birthing team can help to ensure your transition into motherhood feels empowering — and you feel heard, seen, and supported as you bring life into this world. 

 Seeking support? Ready to learn more or get started?  

Here's the different ways we can work together.

Lauren Campion, Mandurah Doula demonstrating pain relief techniques to Doula clients (pregnant woman and husbnad) during a prental session.




For comprehensive support with birth planning and preparation, during labour and into postpartum.

Lauren Campion, Mandurah Doula and Doula clients (pregnant woman and husband) sitting on a couch during a prenatal session.




Get clarity around your birth preferences, prepare for birth, and create your birthing plan.

Lauren Campion, Mandurah Doula holding a cup of tea at a desk.




Ask any questions before we work together, and to make sure we’re a good fit.