Lauren Campion

Kind words from Previous Clients

First Time Parents

“This was my first child and I was so nervous to give birth, and had a lot of anxiety about it. Our biggest concern prior to hiring you as a Doula was whether it would be fully beneficial for us for the money. But after going through the lead-up and the birth, I can say it was worth every cent.  You provided an incredible amount of support and guidance when we asked. As a result, my birth was a positive experience, and not something I will be traumatised from.”   

— Ash and James

"My favourite aspect of care was having someone to support me, while I supported my wife

during labour."

- James

"Successful and Empowering VBAC"

"I decided to hire a doula because I was aiming for a VBAC and after feeling very uneducated in my first pregnancy I knew I wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible and have the best circle of support that I could.

I am so glad that I did, as the support, information and care that we received from Lauren before, during and after the birth of our son was second to none.

Her constant positivity, knowledge and caring nature helped me achieve a successful and empowering VBAC.

I am forever grateful."

— Matilda

"I was unsure of the idea of hiring a doula when Matilda first mentioned it, mainly because I didn’t know much about what a doula does. 

But after having the experience with Lauren and the help she gave throughout the pregnancy and especially for me during the labour, she was great and I couldn’t fault the support we received."

- Ray

Successful VBAC

"I decided to hire a doula after beginning my journey for a VBAC. I was determined to be successful and wanted to make sure I had a supportive team around me who knew what they were doing.

My husband was amazing, but with a lack of knowledge and a toddler to look after I knew we needed some outside help.

As soon as I met Lauren I knew she was going to help me achieve my VBAC. I got a lot of information and support from Lauren and was grateful, especially when my husband was busy or couldn’t be there.

She was amazing throughout the birth, offering quiet support and amazing pressure pain relieving touch! I think this helped me avoid pain relief. It was a long labour and didn’t quite start out as planned but I am 100% certain we couldn’t have done it how we wanted without Lauren.

We both highly recommend Lauren to support your birth."

— Jenny and Dan

"I wasn’t sure about what a doula would offer but after looking into it felt it was something Jen could benefit from. I was surprised at how much it helped me too.

With a busy job and toddler it was great having that back up support and advice on hand. I didn’t have much time for reading and birth prep.

Having a doula really helped me support Jen better."

— Dan