Lauren Campion

You’re pregnant…
You’re over the moon and excited…
But you’re also nervous and scared... 


You’re nervous about giving birth because you’ve never done it before!  

You’ve heard some not-so-great stories.

And they’re making you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and apprehensive.  

You would LOVE a natural birth — or as natural as possible — but you’re not sure how to make that happen, or doubting if you even can.


You’re scared that your next birth will be like your first one.  

A pretty negative experience that left you feeling powerless, swept along in the “system”, and as if all the decision-making was taken out of your hands. 

You didn’t feel respected, heard, or listened to — and you’re worried about history repeating itself.  So this time you’re going to do things differently.  

Because you’re not going to leave your birthing experience to chance. 

 You want to give yourself the best chance possible of achieving the empowered birth experience you want.  So you can look back in years to come feeling positive and at peace about it.  

That’s what I’m here to help you with.  

As a Birth Doula my job is to: 

  • Provide you with emotional, physical and educational support before, during and after your birth — and a strong support-system on the day. 
  • Enable you to make informed choices — and navigate the Australian maternal healthcare system with confidence. 
  • Help you make your voice and desires heard, so you’re not pushed into anything you don’t want. 
  • Relieve your fears, self-doubt and anxiety around birth. 
  • Help you minimize pain and intervention during labour where appropriate. 
  • Support you through the transition into motherhood
  • And give support and guidance to your husband/boyfriend/partner too — so your little one’s birth is a positive and empowered experience for everyone.  

Did you know?

Women who have a Doula during labour have more positive birth outcomes overall → statistics show a reduced rate of pain medication + epidurals, 40-minutes-less labour time, a 39% reduction in caesareans, higher rate of vaginal births, and fewer negative feelings about childbirth. {Source]

There’s no evidence for negative consequences to continuous labour support.  

Having a doula made my own birthing experience a memory I cherish,
and I feel privileged to offer my clients that feeling too. 

There Are Two Ways We Can Work Together

Birth Support Package

Lauren Campion, Mandurah Doula demonstrating pain relief techniques.

For Comprehensive Doula Support With Birthing Plan Creation,  Birth Preparation, Throughout Labour and Birth, and Postpartum 

My most popular package — perfect when you want qualified support navigating labour and birth, and a birthing team you feel comfortable and connected with. 

What's Included:

  • 2-3 prenatal sessions, carried out in your home — to discuss your vision for your birth, to provide education, understand your options, craft a birth plan, learn pain-relief techniques, etc — with the goal being that you and your birth partner feel completely confident + prepared going into your labour and birth. 
  • Unlimited phone and email support — for any questions, and to talk through any concerns from medical appointments.  
  • Access to my lending library of pregnancy, birth and parenting-related books — so you can access quality resources without spending $$ on extra reading!  
  • 24/7 on call support for your birth from 38 weeks — I will be with you from when you ask me to be, whether at your home, the hospital.
  • Access to a back-up Certified Birth Doula — in case of long labour or illness on the day, so you are never without experienced support during your labour. 
  • Full support during labour/birth — and up to 3 hours after your baby is born.  
  • 1-2 postpartum sessions — to debrief on your birth experience, and assist with the transition into motherhood. (This is a time when many women need support, perhaps more so than they thought.) 
  • Optional additional sessions — as needed. 

Prices Starting From $950 

3 Hour Prenatal Session

Lauren Campion, Mandurah Doula on couch with Doula clients (pregnant woman and partner) during a prenatal session.

For Clarity Around Options, Birth Preparation, and Birthing Plan Creation

This is a one-off session is perfect if you don’t think you want a doula present your birthbut you WOULD definitely love some support as you prepare for the big day. 

These sessions are tailored to your needs, but here’s a taste of what we can cover:

  • Birth preparation for you and your birthing partner — so you both feel empowered and completely confident going into the big day. 
  • Getting clear on your birth plan — so you don’t feel powerless or ignored in the birthing space; and instead can feel confident your choices will be respected. 
  • Evidence-based information about different options during pregnancy and childbirth — so you go into birth, or to your service provider, feeling informed about your rights and the options available to you.  
  • Natural techniques for labour to help with pain relief — to minimize pain, stress and discomfort on the day. (You + your birthing partner can learn these) 

This is also a chance for you to get a taste of working with me. Then, if you choose to upgrade to the Birth Support Package after this session, I will deduct the $200 you spend on this session from my fee. **

** Don’t worry there will be no “sell” — any decision to move to the Birth Support Package is completely up to you. The focus of the prenatal session is on getting your questions answered, clarifying your birth plan or available options, and helping you and your partner go into birth feeling confident and prepared.  

$200 — available online via Skype or Zoom, or in-person if you’re based near Mandurah

Please note: I only take on a small number of clients per year to ensure they have plenty of access to me, and the chance of my being available for each birth is very high. 

However, this does mean that my spaces do book up in advance, so please ensure you reach out and book your initial consult if you’re interested, and want to secure your spot. 

What's the Word?


“This was my first child and I was so nervous to give birth, and had a lot of anxiety about it. Our biggest concern prior to hiring you as a Doula was whether it would be fully beneficial for us for the money. But after going through the lead-up and the birth, I can say it was worth every cent.  You provided an incredible amount of support and guidance when we asked. As a result, my birth was a positive experience, and not something I will be traumatised from.”   — Ash and James 


Why am I the doula for you?


  1. You want support in making your voice and desires heard — I’m not here to speak in your place, tell you what you should do, or instruct your medical team on your behalf. But I am here to support you in your decisions and conversations.   In short, I help you advocate for yourself — I don’t advocate for you. 
  2. You want someone who is kind, compassionate, and calm, and “super-knowledgeable” about birth — all things my clients have said about me.
  3. You want continuity of care throughout your prenatal, birth and postpartum periods — you could end up with a midwife you don’t know on the day, and you know that having a doula by your side the entire way will help you feel safe and supported.
  4. You and your partner don’t want to be judged for your decisions — you won’t be. The only goal is to feel as confident about your entire experience, and decisions, as possible. Your birth. Your way.  
  5. You want access to current, evidence-based information so you can make the right birth choices for you, and fully understand your options. 
  6. You care about how your birth feels — you want it to be like you’re “doing” birth, instead of birth being “done” to you. You want to go into it, and emerge from it, feeling as empowered, positive and calm as possible. I get it. I did too! 


First, we’ll jump on a quick 15-minute phone call to determine availability — then we’ll meet in-person for a FREE no-obligation initial consult. 

This is a chance to get to know one another better, and you’ll be able to ask me any Q’s you have about the process and my services — to make sure it’s a good fit before moving forwards.  

 Warmly,  Lauren xx